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Introducing the world’s fastest 2 post hoist! The Shockwave hoist is designed for service bays where speed & efficiency is essential. The earth shattering speed of the Shockwave hoist is achieved through a combination of its patent pending DC power system & other tech friendly features.


  • 4500 kg lift capacity
  • Supercharge your lift with Shockwave! 2X faster rise & descent!
  • 25 second raise time / 19 second descent time
  • Patent pending DC power system
  • Low profile TRIO load arms offering three stages of flexibility in a two-piece arm
  • Spotline™ motion activated laser to help center vehicles in the bay quickly & accurately first time
  • Baseplate covers included
  • True asymmetrical, turned column design for improved access to vehicle interior
  • Original “Double S” column design for strength & longevity
  • 2 stage adjustable load pads
  • 100 mm minimum load pad height
  • Single point lock release
  • Self engaging arm locks
  • High pressure hydraulic cylinders in each column
  • Low profile roof protection bar
  • Powder coat finish
  • T100271 89 mm & 127 mm pickup extension adaptors included
  • Optional T100273 U-support light commercial adaptors also available
  • Optional FA835 lock light also available

Supercharge Your Lift With Shockwave! 2X Faster Rise & Decent!

Shockwaves earth shattering speed is achieved through a combination of its patent pending DC power system & other tech friendly features. User friendly features such as Spotline laser gets vehicles in the bay and in the air faster than any other lift. It’s 25 second rise & 19 second descent is TWICE as fast as other standard lifts!

Models Available


 “Double S” Column

The original “Double S” single piece column has been designed to maximize strength & longevity. The SPOA10 series also incorporate polyethylene self-lubricating & maintenance free slider blocks.

Turned Column Design

The true asymmetrical turned column design makes it easier to drive the vehicle into its lifting position. This design improves access to the vehicle interior.

100mm Minimum Load Pad Height

The SPOA10 trio arm series is fitted with 2 stage adjustable load pads, with a working range of 100 – 133 mm.

4500 kg 2 Post Hoist

Model: SPOA10 Shockwave

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3 Years Parts & Labour Warranty

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Specifications SPOA10-EH1-SW-TRIO
Max. Lift Capacity 4500 kg
Overall Height 3873 mm
Overall Width 3489 mm
Width Between Posts 2727 mm
Drive Thru Clearance 2416 mm
Floor To Cut Off Bar 3727 mm
Max. Lift Height 1903 - 1936 mm
Min. Adaptor Height 100 mm
Max. Adaptor Height 133 mm
Power Supply DC24V 5 HP / 240V To Charge

Rotary, the world’s most trusted vehicle hoist company has set the benchmark for vehicle hoists.

As a member of the Vehicle Service Group (VSG), with manufacturing plants in three continents employing over 1700 personnel, Rotary is a strong, diverse and dynamic global leader in the vehicle service industry. With the widest variety of vehicle hoists on the market, Rotary manufactures Two Post, Four Post, Scissor, Alignment, Inground and Mobile Column lifts.

There is a perfect solution for everything from small vehicle workshops through to large scale commercial operations.


U-Support Light Commercial Adaptors


U-Support Light Commercial Adaptors

Designed to suit the SPOA10 trio arm series, the T100273 are designed for chassis rail pick-up points. Kit includes four adaptors.


Lock Light


Lock Light

Designed to suit all Rotary 2 Post & 4 Post models, the Rotary lock light allows the technician to easily identify when the vehicle has been lowered onto the mechanical locks of the hoist. The green indicator light illuminates to provide a visual confirmation of when the hoist is lowered to the locks.

Round Rubber Lift Pad


Round Rubber Lift Pad

Replacement rubber lift pad for all SPOA10 models. Sold individually.