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Tyre Changers


Summit 1500

Swing-Arm Tyre Changer

Summit 1600TI

Pneumatic Tilt-Back Tyre Changer

Summit 1700TI

Pneumatic Tilt-Back Tyre Changer With Low Profile Help Arm

Summit 1750TI

Summit "Premium Series" Tyre Changer With Powerful Uniform Clamping System

Summit 2200HD

Truck, Bus & Tractor Tyre Changer


Butler HP 441 Series

Automatic Tyre Changers "With Bead Pressing Arm"

Butler Jecko 28 FI

Total Lever-Less Tyre Changer "With Bead Pressing Arm"

Butler NAV 01N

Super Fast Truck Tyre Changer

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