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Injector Testing Machines

The ASNU range of petrol injector diagnostic machines, originally developed in Australia, are the ideal machines for any mechanical workshop who specialise in EFI servicing & reconditioning.

With the introduction of GDI, Gasoline Direct Injection, over the last few years, ASNU have developed software & adaptors that allow for the servicing of these expensive to replace injectors. The ASNU Classic GDI, built on the same platform as the ASNU Classic, includes the new software & programming to run these injectors at a lower and safer operating fuel pressure.

Not only can you use ASNU passenger cars, but with additional adaptors you can also service the motorcycle & marine industries.

With the ASNU Classic GDI, your workshop will be well equipped to test & service the latest generation of petrol injectors.


ASNU Classic GDI

Petrol Injector Diagnostic Machine

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