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Air Conditioning Machines

ISC Systems

The ISC Systems range of workshop equipment for the maintenance of automotive air conditioning systems is designed & manufactured in Italy. For more than 25 years ISC Systems has been the international protagonist in the automotive air conditioning maintenance equipment thanks to its complete range of machines and accessories that meet the most advanced requirements of modern vehicle repair workshops.

We offer two models from the ISC Systems range, these being the Business Futura, which is a semi-automatic 4-in-1 machine, and the Silver Futura, which is a fully-automatic 4-in-1 machine.

With quality features & easy to use software, the ISC Systems range of equipment is designed for the professional, and allows for simple & quick maintenance of automotive air conditioning systems.

ISC Basic Futura

Semi-Automatic â€œ4 in 1” Air Conditioning Machine

ISC Silver Futura

Fully-Automatic â€œ4 in 1” Air Conditioning Machine 

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